Worn high on the neck, fitting it tightly. This luxurious necklace in Victorian style is usually 30-32 cm long and consists of multiple strands of pearls. Perfectly suitable for the dresses with V-opening and the dresses with open shoulders.

This classic necklace of single strand of pearl is usually 35-40 cm long and suits for every style of neckline. This is the most versatile necklace – this is would be perfect for daily occasions, as well as for stylish parties.

Suits best to round or slightly higher style of neckline. “Princess” style necklace is usually 42-47 cm long. Works well with pendants.

Traditionally worn for semi-formal occasions, works well with suits and dresses, and is 50-60 cm long.

Generally considered to be of royal length: 70-85 cm long. To be worn both in single strand and doubled over, as the double “Choker”.

The elegant and sensible, “Rope” necklace has always been the central favourite of the collections of Coco Chanel. Such necklaces are 112 cm long and are often supplied with concealed snaps, which enable them to be divided into shorter multiple strand necklaces and bracelets.